Thonburi Bamrungmuang Hospital
The Thonburi Bamrungmuang Hospital Digital Dental Center makes use of advanced CAD/CAM 3D dental technologies to design and create dental implants for patients with high precision and speed. Our patients will obtain their dental implants within 4 hours.

The Thonburi Bamrungmuang Hospital Digital Dental Center provides comprehensive dental services including protection, restoration, and root canal and oral cavity treatments, using modern and innovative digital technologies like CAD/CAM 3D that make the process of implementing dental implants, crowns, bridges, and veneers simple and less complicated and time-consuming than the previous methods.

In the process of making dental implants, an intraoral camera is used to scan the jawbone in conjunction with three-dimensional x-ray imaging in place of traditional dental impressions, allowing dentists to analyze and design implantation guidelines for patients in real time.

In addition, the Smile Design software is used to design dental implant placement on computers before the implantation. The software also sends the dental design to the lathe in order to produce crowns from materials within hours.

Modern technologies also allow dentists to place dental implants for patients in a precise manner without gum surgery. By this method, the patients are left with no wounds or swelling conditions after the treatment, and treatment errors are reduced. After the implant placement, the patients have an improved chewing performance.

Besides our modern and advanced dental equipment and technologies, The Thonburi Bamrungmuang Hospital Digital Dental Center boasts teams of dentists with a wide range of expertise, such as corrective and cosmetic jawbone surgery and orthodontics, as week as multi-professional staff and skilled and experienced medical technicians from Germany.