Dengue vaccine

Dengue vaccine

✅ Can be vaccinated with people from age 4-60 years.

✅ 2 doses, 3 months apart.

✅ Can be injected by both people who have had and have never had dengue fever before.

✅ Helps reduce the severity of the disease.

✅ Helps reduce severe complications and even deaths.

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Dengue vaccine

Terms of service

  • The above price does not include doctor fees.

  • Please make an appointment 1 day in advance before receiving the service.

  • For more information, please contact  Personalized Check-up Center at +66-2220-7999 EXT. 82240

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  • This package price is only for customers who pay by themselves, cannot use insurance claims.



Dengue vaccine

Package Name :

Dengue vaccine

4,200.00 Baht

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