It is a method of losing weight by inserting a balloon into the stomach.

✅ Makes you full faster 

✅ Eat less food 

This is because the space within the stomach is reduced.

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Terms of service

  • Access to this package is at the doctor's discretion only.

  • The above price includes Standard room (according to the specified number of days In case of changing room type Patients will have to pay additional fees for nursing services. Room service fees, food costs, related medical equipment costs, medical supplies costs, inpatient medicine costs Only related to surgery Medical equipment while resting in the hospital. (as specified)

  • The package price does not include expenses related to the patient's congenital disease and expenses incurred outside of surgery, such as medical supplies, special equipment placed in the patient's body, laboratory analysis fees, or others (if any). 

  • The package price does not include the cost of medicines to take home and medicines for the patient's congenital disease.

  • The package price does not include the cost of removing the balloon from the stomach.

  • Valid until 30 September 2024

  • For more information, please contact +66-2220-7999

  • NoteThis package price is only for customers who pay by themselves, cannot use insurance claims.


1 Night in hospital

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150,000.00 Baht

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