Thailand Entry Requirements

Starting October 1, 2022 travelers entering Thailand are no longer required to show Proof of Vaccination or COVID-19 test result. All travelers can freely travel to Thailand.

Note: Travelers must check with their airlines the travel requirements in case they have a transit in a third country before arriving in Thailand.

Starting October 1, 2022 until March 31, 2023, travelers will be allowed to stay for 30 days or 45 days without prior approval of a Thai visa.

During this period, the length of stay per visit will be 45 days for passport holders of the following countries/territories who may enter Thailand under a tourist Visa Exemption scheme:

Andorra Canada Germany Israel Lithuania Poland Sweden
Australia Czech Republic Greece Italy Luxembourg Portugal Switzerland
Austria Denmark Hungary Japan Malaysia Qatar Turkey
Bahrain Estonia Iceland Kuwait Maldives San Marino the UAE
Belgium Finland Indonesia Latvia Mauritius Saudi Arabia UK
Brunei France Ireland Liechtenstein Monaco Singapore Ukraine
Canada Germany Israel Lithuania The Netherlands Slovak USA
Czech Republic Greece Italy Japan New Zealand Slovenia
Denmark Hungary Iceland Kuwait Norway South Africa
Estonia Finland Indonesia Latvia Oman Spain
Brunei France Ireland Liechtenstein The Philippines Singapore

Also, during this period, the length of stay per visit will be 30 days for passport holders of the following countries/territories who may apply for a VOA:

Bhutan Georgia Papua New Guinea
Bulgaria India Romania
China Kazakhstan Saudi Arabia
Cyprus Malta Taiwan
Ethiopia Mexico Uzbekistan
Fiji Nauru Vanuatu

the visa fee of 2,000 THB will remain the same for these countries.

In addition, passport holders of the following countries/ territories may enter Thailand without a visa under a bilateral agreement:

14 days 30 days 90 days
Cambodia Hong Kong Argentina
Myanmar Lao PDR Brazil
Macau Chile
Mongolia Korea
Russia Peru

Note: Please make sure that your passport is valid for at least 6 months or check with your airline for the passport validity requirement

Travel Insurance is still highly recommended when you travel to Thailand.

Thailand Travel Guide


The high season, when the climate is cooler, runs from November to April in Thailand, with the low season between June-October covering the rainiest months. Some tourists prefer the quieter months when prices for stays and trips can be significantly lower and sunny days are only interrupted by rainy spells.


The climate in Thailand is tropical; hot and humid with a monsoon season starting in May in Phuket and September in Samui. The dry season is from November to February in Phuket and starts in December in Samui. The hot season runs from March, with April and May the hottest months.


Aside from year-round sunshine, delicious food, and friendly people, Thailand offers great value-for-money, meaning you can do more for less. If you’re looking for variety and unforgettable moments, Thailand promises incredible experiential travel opportunities.

Each destination boasts its own unique character, attractions, and activities to suit travelers of all ages and interests. Shop at night markets, enjoy al fresco dining, and watch the sunset with a breathtaking view whether coastal vistas or cityscapes.

On the must-visit list is Thailand’s glittering temples which are stunningly beautiful and give an insight into the importance of Buddhism in Thai culture. Inspiring mindfulness, Thailand’s temples are not symbols of what has been, so expect to see saffron-robed monks in many temple grounds. It is important to follow the dress code and if you know a day-out may include a visit to a ‘wat’ then bring clothes to cover legs and arms.

There are several UNESCO World Heritage Sites in Thailand and a trip that takes in Bangkok alone is a whirlwind of adventures in itself. During your time in the capital visit Wat Pho with its reclining Buddha, one of the cities many sky bars, including the newly opened skywalk, and dine on the Chao Phraya River with a dinner cruise. Outside of the city, Thailand boasts national parkland and marine parks too.

On a beach holiday, enjoy cave kayaking, and island-hopping such as exploring the 42 islands of Ang Thong National Marine Park, many of which are uninhabited. Snorkeling and scuba diving, as well as fishing and water sports, draw tourists to Thailand with PADI courses available too. There are also many international-standard golf courses in Thailand, including eight on Phuket and several on Koh Samui.

Meanwhile, one of the best ways to experience Thailand is to step away from the well-trodden tourist trail.


Thailand’s currency is the Thai Baht and there are plenty of ATMs in cities and tourist areas. Compared with many countries, taxis and public transport are reasonably priced. However, as with any capital city, staying, dining, and entertainment in Bangkok can be expensive, although mid-budget and budget travel are possible too, especially if you eat at street and market stalls.

Tip at least 50 Thai Baht for a one-hour massage, with many people leaving 100. Give taxi drivers a small tip and follow your instinct in bars and restaurants. Service is often included, and tipping rules are much more relaxed.

Learn how we can help you open a bank account in Thailand.


In the tourist areas of Bangkok you will find English speakers, but don’t expect most people working in bars, restaurants, shops, and banks, including taxi drivers, to speak anything but the basics. Once you leave the main tourist areas you’ll definitely find knowing a few words of Thai really useful.

Learn some of the most basic Thai words and phrases.


Some of the best Thai foods are found at street stalls and night markets. Must-try dishes include som tam, a spicy papaya salad freshly made by vendors in a big pestle and mortar. Eat with grilled chicken and sticky rice. Cut down spice by requesting ‘mai pet’ when ordering dishes.

Patient’s right


To ensure patients’ best treatment from medical process and realize importance of collaborations with health professionals. Therefore, the Medical Council, Nursing and Midwifery Council, the Pharmacy Council, the Dental Council, Physical Therapy Council, the Medical Technology Council, and Art of Healing Committee together announce Declaration of Patient’s Rights and Responsibilities as follows


1.Every Patient has the basic rights to medical and healthcare services at professional standards without any discrimination as have been legally enacted in the Thai Constitution.

2. Patients who seeks medical and healthcare services have the rights to true and sufficient information regarding illness, examination, treatment, advantages and disadvantages of the examination from medical practitioner with understanding language to help with a decision to consent or refuse healthcare services, except in case of emergency or life threatening situation.

3. Patients at risk, in critical condition or near death, is entitled to receive urgent and immediate relief from their medical practitioner as necessary, regardless of whether the patient requests assistance or not.

4. Patient has the rights to know first name and surname and the specialty of the practitioners who give cares to.

5. It is the rights of the patient to request a second opinion from other medical practitioner in other specialties, who are not involved in the immediate care of him/her, as well as the right to change the place of medical service or treatment. This is according to criteria of existing patient’s rights.

6. The patient has the right to expect that his/her personal information is kept confidential by the medical practitioner, the only exception being in cases with the consent of the patient or due to legal obligation.

7. The patient is entitled to demand complete current information regarding his/her role in the research and the risks involved in order to make decision to participate in/or withdraw from the medical research being carried out by his/her health care provider.

8. The patient has the right to know or demand full and current information about his/her medical treatment as appeared in the medical record as requested according to hospital’s procedures. With respect to this, the information obtained must not infringe upon other individual’s personal information and rights.

9. The father / mother or legal representative may use their rights in case of a child under the age of eighteen or who is physically or mentally handicapped wherein he/she could not exercise his/her own rights.


1. Patients ask for true and sufficient information and risks before signing consent form or refusing to receive medical diagnosis or treatment.

2. Patients give his/her own information and facts regarding medical conditions to practitioners during care process.

3. Patients cooperate with and follow instructions by medical practitioners regarding treatments. If patients cannot perform such instructions, please inform medical practitioners.

4. Patients cooperate and follow rules and regulations of the hospital.

5. Treat practitioners, other patients, and visitors politely and with respects. Avoid creating any disturbance.

6. Announce patient’s rights and show his/her evidence to hospital’s related staffs.

7. Patient should be aware of following medical facts:

7.1 Medical practitioners who perform with standards and ethics will receive protection according to the law. He/she has the rights to be protected from wrongful accusation.

7.2 Medical practice means modern medicine that has been scientifically proven by the current knowledge that it gives more benefit than harm to patients.

7.3 Medical practice cannot provide successful diagnosis, prevention, and treatment for every diseases or conditions.

7.4 Every medical treatment has risks of leading to adverse event. Moreover, any force majeure may happen even medical practitioners perform treatment with sufficient care.

7.5 Screening, diagnosis, and follow-up care might result in inaccuracy due to limitation of technology and other circumstances which are uncontrollable by standard procedure.

7.6 Medical practitioners are allowed to use their own discretion in choosing treatment by medical knowledge, ability, limitation, objectivity and circumstances. This also includes consultation and transfer in consideration of patient’s rights and benefit.

7.7 For patient’s best interest, medical practitioners might give suggestion or transfer patient to other clinic for appropriate treatment. In this case patient must not be emergency or life threatening situation.

7.8 Keep medical practitioners away from knowing medical information or facts may give negative effect on care process.

7.9 Hospital’s emergency room is restricted for patient in emergency or life threatening situation.



Thonburi Bamrungmuang Hospital is the medical center of Thonburi Healthcare Group PLC (THG) which has been Thailand’s leader of Healthcare service for over 42 years. With the latest technology and advanced medical equipment, along with a team of first-rate doctors and specialists, Thonburi Bamrungmuang Hospital delivers a state-of-an-art Diagnostic Program and fully personalized treatment designed to best fit for each individual’s needs.

Thonburi Bamrungmuang
Airport Transfer

Thonburi Bamrungmuang provide airport transfer for you and your relative upon arrival from Suvarnabhumi International Airport to your hotel in Bangkok or Thonburi Bamrungmuang hospital. The patient is required to book for the appointment with our doctor and contact us for transfer service booking in advance.

For booking the transfer service and more information, please contact us at or +66 (0)2 220 7999

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Our partner hotels

Our partner hotels provide the special room rate and services for Thonburi Bamrungmuang’s patients. You may consider the details as follows;

Name Rate Address Reservation Note
Arnoma Grand Bangkok 3,300 Pathumwan, Bangkok (~3.3 km) Call & Email (TBH2002) inclusive of breakfast, wifi and VAT
Prince Palace Hotel Superior 1500
1 Bedroom Suite 1,800
2 Bedroom Suite 2,500
2 Bedroom Suite 3,500
3 Bedroom Suite 3,500
3 Bedroom Suite 5,000
Extra Bed 600
Bobae Tower Damrongrak Road, Bangkok (< 1 km) Call & Email 2 Breakfast
2 Breakfast
Room Only
3 Breakfast
Room Only
5 Breakfast
The Berkeley Hotel Luxury room 2,900
Luxury Corner Suite 4,200
Bobae Tower Damrongrak Road, Bangkok (< 1 km) Call & Email Daily breakfast
Bangkok Midtown Hotel Standard 1,500
Extra Bed 600
Ratchathewi, Bangkok (~3.4 km) Call & Email Daily breakfast


Thonburi Bamrungmuang
Airport Transfer

Thonburi Bamrungmuang provide airport transfer for you and your relative upon departure from your hotel in Bangkok to Suvarnabhumi International Airport. The patient is required to perform the procedure with our doctor and contact us for transfer service booking in advance. For booking the transfer service and more information, please contact us at or +66 (0)2 220 7999

Travel Medical Certificate

You are recommended to request your doctor to certify a Fit for Travel Medical Certificate as well as a list of medications you will require abroad in case that you need to travel by air to return to your home country or another travel destination. The Fit for Travel Medical Certificate is only valid for seven days from the date of issue.

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