Skin Prick Test (Aeroallergen)

Skin Prick Test (Aeroallergen)

Know the causes of allergies with the Skin Prick Test (Aeroallergen).

Package Name :

Skin Prick Test (Aeroallergen)

Terms of service

  • The above price includes hospital service fees. (Does not include doctor fees for interpreting results and giving advice on allergies)

  • Use of the package is at the doctor's discretion.

  • This Skin Test program can test both young children and adults, children aged 3 years and up.

  • Before allergy testing Service recipients need to refrain from all types of allergy, cold, rash, and itching medicine for at least 7 days.

  • The waiting time for test results is approximately 15 - 20 minutes after the test.

  • The doctor will first examine the medical history and assess the initial symptoms to determine which type of test the client is suitable for.

  • In cases where additional medical consultation is required from the above program, there may be a specialist doctor's consultation fee, medication fees, and other special examination fees (if any).

  • This allergy testing program Cannot be used in conjunction with any special cards. Contracting company and various insurance rights

  • Add air and food testing, 250 baht each.

  • The above prices are for Thai people only.

  • Please make an appointment in advance. Before receiving service, call 02-220-7999 ext. 83100, 084-235-5284

  • Note

  • This package price is only for customers who pay by themselves, cannot use insurance claims.

Skin Prick Test (Aeroallergen)

Package Name :

Skin Prick Test (Aeroallergen)

1,690.00 Baht

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