Maternity Package

Maternity Package

Natural childbirth 4 days 3 nights - 65,000 baht

Package Name :

Maternity Package

Terms of service

Maternity package includes the following items:

  • Fees for obstetrician, pediatrician and anesthesiologist in case of cesarean section

  • room and postpartum inpatient service fees and newborn room

  • Drug expenses, medical supplies and medical equipment expenses

  • Expenses for medical equipment and tools to aid delivery such as vacuum suction machines, forceps to aid delivery, including probes fetal heart function (fetal monitoring)

  • infant medical supplies

  • screening, laboratory examination and baby vaccines

    • Examine the hearing of the baby (Newborn Hearing Screening Test) and interpret the results by a medical professional.

    • Measure the amount of oxygen in the blood with a pulse oximetry infant machine.

    • Screening for jaundice in newborns by measuring transcutaneous bilirubin

    • Blood Grouping (ABO Grouping, Rh Grouping) & Direct Coomb's Test

    • Tuberculosis Vaccine (BCG) and Hepatitis B Vaccine 1st dose

    • Screening for thyroid conditions and PKU

  • Birth certificate service

Maternity package not includes the following items:

  • This maternity package is for normal expectant mothers who do not have complications during pregnancy.

    • Mothers with chronic underlying diseases that require close supervision from specialized physicians

    • Hypertension during pregnancy that requires medication magnesium sulfate Helps in lowering blood pressure (Severe PIH with Magnesium sulfate).

    • Gestational diabetes requiring injectable insulin (DM need Insulin)

    • Vaginal birth after cesarean (VBAC) in mothers with a history of vaginal births after cesarean

  • Expenses incurred in the event that the mother has an emergency condition or complications and requires special prenatal care. during childbirth and after childbirth

  • Expenses incurred in the event that the baby has an abnormality

  • Excess expenses in case of accommodation beyond the specified package

  • Room rate difference from fixed price In case the patient requests to change the room type from the package

  • In-room personal expenses such as beverages, telephone calls and a la carte meals and the cost of a relative's bed, which the hospital will charge at the normal price

  • Laboratory analysis fee ,Other analyses before birth

  • Room expenses while waiting for delivery

  • cost of female sterilization

  • The cost of translating a birth certificate from Thai to English

  • The cost of male infant genital mutilation

  • Other medical supplies such as baby bottles and infant formula, Diaper Cloth and Diaper in excess of the paid service.

Terms of service  

  • In the case of a normal childbirth that requires the use of analgesic drugs by intrathecal injection or posterior block The hospital will charge the actual anesthesiology expenses.

  • In case of normal delivery, unable to give birth on their own change to caesarean section The hospital will charge 25,000 baht.

  • The hospital would like to waive the auspicious time of giving birth. In case you want to set an auspicious time The hospital has an additional expense of 10,000 baht.

  • Package prices may change as appropriate without notifying you in advance.

  • This price is valid until 31 December 2023.

  • Package fee cannot be used in conjunction with the collection of contractual companies, insurance companies, and discounts as a contractual company.


  • Maternal care during childbirth In the maternity room that is as private as an inpatient room

  • Breast pump service to support breastfeeding during hospital stays

  • Special diet menu for postpartum mothers

  • Newborn photos and baby foot prints

  • baby gift set


This package price is only for customers who pay by themselves, cannot use insurance claims.

4 days 3 nights
Maternity Package

Package Name :

Maternity Package

Natural childbirth 4 days 3 nights
Caesarean section 4 days 3 nights

65,000.00 Baht

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