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Although it’s often not spoken about, cancer in the large intestine is not uncommon in Thais.
The real horror of having cancer of the large intestine is that at times, the patient rarely develops symptoms, until the disease has spread pervasively.

Although the symptoms are not as clear-cut as with symptoms of other types of cancers, there are ways to help us remain vigilant and to detect abnormalities in our bodies. One of those ways is to take note of your poop or feces.

If you should discover the following, you should consult a physician promptly:
1. Bloody mucus in your feces.
2. Your digestive system appears disrupted from the norm or your feces are very soft, interspersed with constipation.
3. Your feces are very soft and you feel like not all of it is eliminated at once.
4. Unusual difficulty in passing stool.
5. Your feces are in an unusual shape of small balls.
6. Other symptoms include weight loss, pale skin and loss of appetite.

These symptoms should never be left undiagnosed and untreated.
When you consult your physician, he or she will ask detailed questions pertaining to your habits and history and conduct an extensive body check-up, which could include a CT scan or a colonoscopy to take an extraction for testing, depending on the patient.
Treating cancer of the large intestine depends on when it is discovered. The sooner it is discovered, the more chance of successfully treating it.

So, don’t neglect to take note of your elimination patterns and your feces every day, as a reflection of your overall health.

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