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Planning your visit or stay at Thonburi Bamrungmuang

At Thonburi Bamrungmuang Hospital, we understand that when traveling to another country for medical care can be a stressful event. Which is why we have prepared a checklist for you to use before you fry to Thailand.


Safety & Security
Bangkok is a city with more than 10 Million people and is a relatively safe place. Violent crimes muggings and other forms of direct confrontation are rare. Always be aware of your belongings in crowded areas. Possession of illegal drugs can result in getting arrested and going to prison. Drug smuggling carries considerably higher penalties which can result to execution.

As with going to any foreign country, please respect the people and its culture and enjoy yourself.


Entry requirement

Please check whether residents of the originate country will need a VISA as there are some specific immigration requirements you need to be aware of. You may need to obtain a tourist visa either upon arrival or prior to your arrival. This really depends on your country of origin or the passport that you carry. In many cases, you can obtain a tourist visas with a granted stay of 15 or 30 days with the possibility of an extension.


Health & Vaccinations

Recommended vaccines:
- Diphtheria-tetanus-pertussis vaccine,
- Chickenpox vaccine,
- Polio vaccine,
- Measles-mumps-rubella (MMR) vaccine,
- Flu vaccine.


Immigration & Customs

The entry requirements to enter Thailand may vary depending on your country of origin. For more specific information that applies to you directly, it is recommended that you contact your own state department of immigration. Click here to be redirected to Tourism Authority of Thailand to learn more about entry requirements.


Our recommended checklists?
1. Check if your passport is valid.

  1. 2. Check whether you need a visa for Thailand from your country of origin.
  2. 3. Exchange some Thai baht in case you want to pay for something small by cash.
    4. Ensure that your bank or card insurer has been informed that you will be using this card in the country. (This is to prevent banks from treating the transaction as suspicious and blocking your account).
  3. 5. Ensure that you have contact information to your hospital, transport provider and the hotel or hospital who will be picking you up.
  4. 6. Check whether you need any vaccinations.
  5. 7. Purchase appropriate flight ticket.

8 Make sure you’ve studied on how to get to the hospital / hotel or someone who will pick you up from the airport.


Don’t leave home without it

  1. 1. Mobile phone with a charger or a powerbank.
  2. 2. Personal ID card, passport and visa.
  3. 3. Credit card and some cash in the local currency.
  4. 4. Medical records (if any).
  5. 5. Your own daily medication (if any) and any type of information regarding any chronic diseases that you may have.
  6. 6. Personal entertainment: During your travel, you may need books, magazines and music player.
  7. 7. Comfortable attire for the journey, head rest and socks.
  8. 8. Largely depends on the purpose of your travel, you may consider visiting sightseeing destinations; if that is the case, bring 9. casual clothes and comfortable shoes.
  9. 10. Sleep essentials such as earplugs, eye masks and pajamas.




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